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Balanceline Kft’s professional team has wide range of experience in financial services and business management. Our aim is to contribute to the success of our clients’ business activities with reliable and precise services. We give you a helping hand and guidance in the challenging

financial, tax and legal environment of Hungary. Having strong expertise we heavily focus on understanding the situation and needs of our partners in order to work out new financial or even business related strategies that lead your firm into a more beneficial direction.

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Finances cervices

Setting up a bussiness

Busines Workshop


We organise workshops especially for those who are interested in setting up a new local business. Participants will receive detailed knowledge about the most relevant aspects of being an enterpreneur. During these small-group courses we deal with the issues of different obstacles, possible pitfalls in terms of financial, tax related and legal aspects. We regularly inform our partners about the next courses we schedule. If you aren’t our buiness partner but interested, please contact us.

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How to start?


Setting up a new business is a very challenging and time consuming task itself. You must be familiar with all legal aspects, taxation rules and the local requirements of different registration platforms. Why bother with these yourself? Starting a business in Hungary is easy with Balance Line. We will liaise between your company and the authorities, managing all paperwork, keeping deadlines, while you can focus on the more productive part of your business. On the basis of your needs we help you to choose the most apropriate company form and the right taxation schemes.

Balance Line will also assist you to obtain a tax identification number for your firm. Our professional legal team prepares all necessary corporate documents and registers your company at the Hungarian Court of Registry.

Let’s make it happen together.

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